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Happy holidays racers, fans, family, and friends! With the holiday season fast upon us, we all know you have been good little racers and are hoping to find a lot of new race parts and events under the tree! We have been working hard during this off-season to prepare to bring you a better 2024 race season. Without keeping you in any further suspense, let’s get into unwrapping the news for 2024.

2024 Season Schedule

Yes, we left a good impression on the folks at Barber. We are being welcomed back for the 2024 season. We have a couple of partnerships we are trying to finalize that will affect our August and September rounds.

Feb 3-4 Homestead-Miami Speedway
Mar 16-17 NOLA Motorsports Park
May 4-5 Talladega Gran Prix Raceway
June 15-16 Roebling Road Raceway
June 29-30 Barber Motorsports Park
Aug To Be Announced
Sept To Be Announced
Nov 30 – Dec 1 Homestead-Miami Speedway


2024 Rule Book Changes

  1. The Formula 40-600 and Formula 40-1000 classes will be combined into just the Formula 40-1000 race.
  2. Quick-change equipment that does not affect the riding performance will be permitted in SuperStock Classes.
  3. Front brake lever guards are required.
  4. One bonus point will be awarded to class pole winners.
  5. Racers must complete 75% for a Grande Corsa race to receive points.
  6. Crashes and mechanicals that result in a racer not completing the race will be marked as DNF and will not receive points (regardless of previous lap position).
  7. Formula Twins class is replaced with SuperBike Twins Light and Max
  8. Production Twin class is replaced with SuperStock Twins Light and Max
    1. An exception is being made in the SuperStock Twins Light and SuperBike Twins Light to allow for the ZX4 to compete in these classes.
    2. A technical exception is being made to allow for the rear wheel to be changed and remain SuperStock eligible.
  9. Fuel changes are being made. Any brand 93 pump gas is permitted for SuperStock. Fuel for SuperBike class will be announced once we have the agreement signed.

2024 Expert Promotions

Andrew Wey
Eduardo Aguayo
Eric Vowels
Malcom Davis
Markel Thomas
Mehmet Sokmen
Noah Yow
Robby Kennedy
Yohann Guarracino

2023 Season Championship Awards Party

Specifics to be announced shortly.  Current Plan is to take place during Rd1 2024 Race Weekend.

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