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June 18th and 19th, PanAmerican SuperBike (PanAmSBK) returned to Roebling Road Raceway (RRR) for round 6 of the 2022 season. There was additional excitement for our racers and fans because PanAmSBK was the first series to host races on the newly paved race track. Many racers had track records in the cross hairs.

It was no surprise that JPR\Nitido Racing teammates and friends, Christian Miranda and Alejandro Nieves, put on a show for the fans. Each of them coming away with three race wins.

Christian Miranda’s wins came in the Sunoco SuperBike 600 Grande Corsa, Sunoco SuperBike 600 Sprint, and SuperStock 600 Grande Corsa. Longtime rival Bruno Silva was able to prevent Miranda from a weekend sweep by beating him to the finish line by 0.680 seconds! Miranda started the day setting a new SuperStock 600 lap record of 1:12.383, and he followed that up with setting the Sunoco SuperBike 600 lap record of 1:12.080.

Alejandro Nieve’s wins came in the Sunoco SuperBike 1000 Grande Corsa, Sunoco SuperBike 1000 Sprint, and SuperStock 1000 Grande Corsa. A bike stall on the start of the SuperStock 1000 Sprint put him far behind the pack going into turn one. By the end of lap one, Alex moved up to sixth place and three seconds behind the leader. After that first lap, he put down a 1:14.143, 1:13.996, 1:12.053, 1:11.819, and finally 1:11.760 to finish second. The 1:11.760 is the new SuperStock 1000 lap record. It was not necessarily a complete surprise that Alex would be able to run in the 1:11’s because earlier in the day he set the Sunoco SuperBike 1000 class record with a 1:11.757!

During round five, Chyler Weatherford broke through with his first race win as an expert. This round he built upon that success with another race win in the SuperStock 1000 Sprint.

Once again the SuperStreet 300 class was another close race from start to finish. The top three finishers in the SuperStreet 300 Grande Corsa was separated by 0.123 seconds. Isaac Woodworth was able inch ahead for his third consecutive race win the SuperStreet 300 Grande Corsa. PanAmSBK rookie Ella “Da Boss” Dreher came in second for her first podium finish. Eduardo Aguayo completed the podium with a third place finish. On Aguayo’s way to that podium, he set a new SuperStreet 300 class record with a 1:21.313.

While the 300’s were battling it out, the SuperStock 400 racers Brittanie LaPrade and Luis Collante had a close battle throughout the Grande Corsa race. On the grid, they were separated by the row, but by the end of the first lap they were racing nose to tail with lap times less than 0.500 seconds of each other. At the checkered, LaPrade edged out Collante by 0.558 seconds for the win.

The Formula 40 600 race was another exciting race in the day. Michael Rouleau was on pole with is 1:15.207. Maykel Peres was in the 2nd spot with a 1:15.669. These 2 racers put in lap times within .100 seconds of each other all through the race. Peres lead the pack across the line during the first two laps of the race. On lap three, Rouleau was able to take the lead. At the checkered, Rouleau edged out Peres by 0.074 seconds for the race win.

This round PanAmSBK welcomed a lot of new racers from the Southeast region. Jason Buckner finished the weekend with a race win in the Formula 50 1000 and a 3rd place finish in the Euro Max Grande Corsa. On his way the race win, Buckner set a new Formula 50 1000 class record with a 1:14.855. The husband\wife racing team from Savannah, William and Heidi Luce, claimed a couple of podium finishes. Heidi finished 3rd in the Expert Moto3 Grande Corsa and Sprint races. William finished 3rd in the Amateur Moto3 Sprint and a win in the Amateur Moto3 Grande Corsa.

The reports from the paddock was that the new pavement was fast. We saw 17 new class records set this past weekend.

Boelo Lussenburg’s 1:21.008 set the new Expert SuperStreet 300 class record that had stood for the past 3 years.

In the battle of the Euro bikes, Shawn Sloan aboard is Ducati set the Expert Euro Max record with a 1:13.360.

In the Expert Euro Light class, JM Padron has been consistent with podium finishes. This weekend Padron adds the Expert Euro Light class record stats with a 1:15.439.

Michael Blaum set the Amateur Formula Twin class record with a 1:17.923 and set the Amateur Euro Max class record.

Even though Seth Starnes missed out on qualifying, he pulled off a race win the Expert Formula Twin race while also setting the class record with a 1:14.759.

First year expert racer Chris White broke the four year old Expert Moto3 class record with a 1:19.310.

Amateur Formula 40 racer David Aronow set a new RRR class record in the Formula 40 600 with a 1:16.589.

Rookie PanAmSBK racer Axel Verite has been getting faster from the start of the season. This round Verite set the Amateur SuperStock 400 class record with a 1:23.968.

Thank you to all the racers who joined us at RRR this past weekend! Next month we return to South Florida for round seven at Homestead Miami Speedway.

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