Formula 40 1000



This is a six lap Formula 40 1000 sprint race.

This class is based upon SuperBike Rules –

Racers participating in Formula 40 must be a minimum of 40 years of age or turning 40 during the year they are racing. Example: Racer’s birthday in November, 2016 but they are allowed to race Formula 40 in January, 2016.

Eligible motorcycles coming from the classes Superbike 1000, SuperStock 1000, SuperBike 600, SuperStock 600, Formula Twins.

SuperBike motorcycles have modified engines.

If you do not see your motorcycle listed and have questions regarding eligibility please contact us.

Additional information

2024 Race Dates

June 16, June 30, August 11, August 25, September 8, December 1

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